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SBI Yono App Customer Care/ Complaints & Online Support

State Bank of India (SBI Yono App) Customer Complaint & Helpline: Getting problem in installation of Yono App or issue with creating SBI Yono digital saving or isnta saving account? In this article, we are providing complete information regarding the customer care & support of SBI Yono App. Within one month of launch of SBI Yono App, around 7 lakh to 9 lakh users have installed the SBI Yono App. The numbers are increasing daily. State Bank of India has launched all-in-one YONO App for existing customer and new customers. State Bank has created You Need Only One App so that user can find the complete set of Banking/ Financial/ Loans/ Investment etc. details in single App.

SBI Yono App Customer Care

The online support of State Bank of India (SBI) can help you with your problem and issues with YONO APP. Yes, there may be some error while creating Digital Saving Account/ Insta Account. Not able to see loan account details, investment, and insurance details.

You can always call SBI YONO APP help-center and aks your queries. The online ticket system also allows the customer to directly send their problem to SBI YONO Team so that your problems are solved as soon as possible.

SBI Yono App has created email-id so that customer can send they’re issued with the screenshot of error to SBI YONO Developers.

SBI Yono App: Open Digital Saving Account
SBI Yono App: Open Insta Saving Account
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Support/ Solution: SBI Yono App

Question 1: SBI YONO App is very slow and not working properly.
Answer: Kindly check the RAM usage of your smartphone. You have to clear the RAM/ Storage for the smooth running of Yono App.

Question 2: Very bad app. As soon as you try to login it says you have exceeded no of trys.
Answer: You can restart the app again and start using it.

Question 3: Whenever I try read OTP from messages, app goes to home screen.
Answer: There may be some other app running which don’t allow the Yono App to appear. Check the installed app permission or Yono App permissions.

Question 4: Not able to check my loans accounts or insurance accounts.
Answer: You have to login your internet banking account or YONO App account, check the list of all your approved loans. If you can’t find the loan account, kindly add the loan account number & process it.

SBI Yono App Support/ Customer Care

You raise an online complaint at www.sbiyono.sbi official website. After lodging an online complaint, you can always check the status of the complaint.

Step 1: Raise online SBI Yono App complaint.
Step 2: You can track the status of complaint online.

Email Id: feedback.yono@sbi.co.in
Toll-Free Number: 1800111101

If you still have problem. Kindly comment below. We shall try to solve your query.

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  1. i would like to open an account with YONO App but I am getting below error from last 3-4days.

    ” M006 : Can not process now, Please try after some time”
    Kindly do the needful urgently.

  2. Bijender Singh

    i would like to open an account with YONO App but I am getting below error from last 3-4days.

    ” M006 : Can not process now, Please try after some time”

    Kindly do the needful urgently.

  3. resume journey option is not working if i try to open with the help of my phone number and password

  4. SBI YONO app not works at all I am trying to regenerate referal code form last one month but at some point it either throws internal server error or stucked on some point. I have worst experience ever. Also on you YONO web application month field is not expecting anything and lots of the time I stucked on this as well. You should properly test the app before launching it and also you should do the load testing as SBI is a trusted bank.

  5. how will prepare sbi digital account
    I typed insta account or
    digital account typed

  6. Dear yono-sbi

    I opened an insta account online. finally I am supposed to recieve reference number , but it did not come through sms. account number in the form of XXXX is coming. but there is no method to get reference number. I have tried resuming. I dialled toll free number but it has no option to provide help for such matter. my contact number isxxxxx0970

  7. Pincode error…..i live in Shrirampur…..pincode is 413709……City automatically received as Solapur

  8. Character should not exceed more than 50 in address line what does this mean?

  9. whenever i am choosing the branch location.. it is getting connected with google map page.

    Kindly help

  10. d koteshwara sharma

    i have received the password by post, and the username will sent on registered Mobil number, but so far i have not received hope do the needful at the earlearst

  11. I am unable to select nearby branch using the app.
    It gets struct

  12. sir,my mobile is registered with digital savings account,when i open a insta account that shows resume to digital savings account.so please deregister my mobile.

  13. its showing you have multiple relationship with your account wile making a new sbi account

  14. I had opened SBI insta account in July 7 this month through YONO app. But so far I am not receiving complete account number, temporary username & password among others. I got my debit card on 17 July through speed post but till the moment I cant get account number. With debit card only CIF number is available. I received a message having last six digits of account number (incomplete) in July 7. App is keeping round in step 6 and I have no access in my account. Its been almost 17 days of account opening through YONO. What should I do? I have no time to visit branch due to strict office time 9 to 7 PM daily so that I have chosen online insta account.

    • Hello Pramod, Have you contacted the YONO APP or raise the complaint online?
      You can get instat help at Toll-Free Number of SBI Yono App 1800111101

  15. Moo5 error please try after some time and not accepted my mobile number and not open location branch afterclick

  16. hello jab mai digital saving account open kar raha tha yono app se to 2nd step me pan no mangane ke bad direct 6th step me bhej deta hai aur locate your nearest branch kahta hai aur par vaha branch select hoti hi nahi hai matlab kuchh select nahi hota hai aur phir mai bank gaya vaha 2 se 3 haurs vaha ke account khlne vale pareshan ho gaye aur vaha ke manager bhi lage rahe par 3 ghante se jada samay me bhi mera account nahi khul paya yono se
    pata nahi kis chutiye ne yah app banaya hai sale is se achha app to hamare yaha ke kutte bana lete hai banana nahi ata to jake seekho nahi to chullu bhar pani me doob maro abh bhi agar laj sharm bachi ho

  17. this problem (there seems to be multiple customer relationships with you details) very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very poooooooooorrrrrrrr service

  18. 3days i am reguelerly try for open a/c but its authentic problem plzz why this problem

  19. Sir have no riceved my user id please re send my user id any y

  20. Hi,
    I have tried to create a SBI A/C via yono app. After entering all details in Additional information – Step 3 & Entering Martial Status the next button is not working. Please help me to sort the issue.

    • Hello Krishan,
      This problem is with network/ App. So, Kindly restart the APP, Clear the cache. If the problem is still persisting, kindly call Toll-Free Number of SBI Yono App 1800111101

  21. sir i am getting problem in creating yono digital account ,when i try to resume my journey of creating account ,it always shows service is currently down /internal server error , i am trying to create account from 3 days please help me

    • Hello Imran,
      This type of problem is temporary. Kindly follow steps again. If you still facing problem then you can call Toll-Free Number of SBI Yono App 1800111101

  22. i am unable to select the location in yono app while creating a new digital savings account. when i am trying in pc its showing please resume the application from mobile app only. when i am unable to select the location option in mobile app then how can i move in further process.

    • Allow Browser to use your location. If you have stopped that open then go to the Chrome Setting >> Site Setting >> and reset it to default. When it ask for GPS location, click on ALLOW. If you have still problem, Kindly contact Toll-Free Number of SBI Yono App 1800111101

  23. I am trying to open the SBI digital bank account through Yono in browser. But after filling the details it is showing error -THERE SEEMS TO BE MULTIPLE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS RELATED WITH THIS ACCOUNT- Kindly contact nearest branch. But till date i have not opened any account with SBI so far.So kindly help in this regard and guide me what to do next?

    • Hello Lokesh, Do you have SBI Account (General Saving Account) If yes, then login using SBI Internet Banking login details. You can contact Toll-Free Number of SBI Yono App 1800111101 for more details

  24. sir’ im opened digital saving account but miss cl balence chek sarvice not availebal thiss sarvice

  25. Hi I’m Naresh I download yono sbi I was going to last two steps . Because I can’t receive OTP

  26. I am unable to select nearby branch

  27. Sir today i tried to create neW SBI A/c but its stop to ask pan card number… after few minutes i will tried to create account but its not responding… it shows” wAIT some times” plz check and ans me

  28. Sir if tried to create an account in this app.. But its stop in middle way .. It asks my PAN number.. And i wil lock my mobile.after few minuts its not open where it stop.. And shows “your last season was terminatedin correctly or currently active plz after some times” .. Plz check out whats happen

    This is what happening when I try to login “YONO” since two days,on contacting customer care for YONO 1800111101 it is told that due to web site problem will be ok after two /three hrs.When will be this hrs complete ?????????????and what is this so called “TECHNICAL PROBLEM????????????????.can anyone solve this????????

  30. I tried to open the SBI digital bank account through Yono in chrome. But after filling the details it is showing ‘THERE SEEMS TO BE MULTIPLE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS RELATED WITH THIS ACCOUNT. Kindly contact nearest branch.’ But I don’t have any account with SBI and never visited any SBI branch in my life. Is Yono a dummy application?

  31. Sir ye nearest branch ki bolra or map khuljata h kam ni krra ye app

  32. Hi,
    I have SBI saving a/c 20325949075.I got the offer of credit card and pre approved loan on my yono app.I have avail the the loan offer on 26 Dec,2018 at 10pm but yet i have not received the amt credited in my yono SBI account.Regarding this so many times I have call to the customer care 1800111101 and so many I have mail on feedback.yono@sbi.co.in.But still I havn,t got any positive response.Please investigate the case resolve my problem.I have the copy of offer letter also which I received when I apply for the loan.

  33. Not able to add new beneficiary since last few days, its showing technical error every time…help!!!

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