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Get Debit Card on SBI Yono App – State Bank Digital Saving Account Debit Card Apply Now

State Bank of India YONO App is a very popular finance category app in the Google Play Store. According to the Play Store date, around 5 million YONO APP Download and Installation as of date 20 Sept 2018 is registered. The SBI YONO is (You Only Need One) App and can be used for the Shopping, Banking, Loans, Insurance, Investment etc. This app new motto is “Lifestyle and Banking Dono” लाइफस्टाइल एंड बैंकिंग दोनों |

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Debit Card on SBI Yono App

The State Bank of India (SBI) is providing Debit Card (Platinum) for the customer having Digital Saving Account through Yono App. To get the free Debit Card you have to open a new SBI Digital Saving Account >> Complete Process to open Yono SBI Digital Saving Account

After Opening an account (Digital Saving Account). You have to go to the Main Menu >> Service Request >> ATM Card Services >> Apply for Debit Card.

You have to select an account number and follow the instructions.

There is no charges to apply for a new Debit Card.

You can Log into SBI YONO and Go to YONO APP Menu>Service Request> ATM Card Services> Request New debit card> Select Account Number> Select Secondary account.

You can then fill in the remaining details like Name on the card and Type of card and then submit Next. An OTP will be generated and on submission of OTP, ATM Card issue request is submitted.

After completing the above steps, you will get a Debit Card within 7 days.

Annual maintenance charges of Rs. 250/- + applicable taxes. will not be applicable for accounts with the quarterly average balance of Rs. 25,000/- and above.

You have also option to use your nickname on the Platinum Debit Card instead of the real name.

Lost Debit Card/ Close Yono Debit Card

In case you have lost or your debit card is damaged/ stolen then you have to block the SBI Yono Digital Saving Account Debit Card by sending SMS or calling the toll-free number as soon as you can.

Please block the debit card immediately by calling the contact center, by logging in on Internet banking or by sending SMS – BLOCK to 567676 from your registered mobile number.

Customer Care Toll-Free helpline number is: 1800111101

FAQ: SBI YONO Debit Card

Question: Who can apply for SBI Yono Platinum Debit Card?
Answer: Platinum Debit Card is issued to the customer who opens a Digital Savings Account. Issuance charge of the card is presently waived, however, Annual Maintenance Charges for the Debit Card are applicable.

Question: Is it an international debit card?
Answer: Platinum Debit Card is an International Debit Card.

Question: Can regular savings account holder get a platinum debit card?
Answer: Yes, you can get a platinum debit card through your branch or you can apply for it online through OnlineSBI.

Question: For existing customer, what are the charges for Platinum Debit Card?
Answer: The card is available at a service charge of Rs.300/- plus GST. You can visit any of our nearby SBIInTouch branch to get this card

Question: Who can apply for ATM cum Debit Card?
Answer: Any individual account holder having Savings Bank or Current Account, single, or joint account operated as Either or Survivor / Former or Survivor / Later or Survivor/ Anyone or Survivor / Pensioners, NRE account holders

Complaint & Online Helpline: SBI Yono App 

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