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SBI Yono App: Customer Care/ Helpline & Support

State Bank YONO App Customer Support & Helpline: Facing problem in creating new account or in the SBI YONO APP login? The State Bank of India is happy to resolve you problem. You have three ways to get in touch with SBI YONO Helpline. (a) Online Complaint Box  (B) Call on the toll-free number and last is the (c) Emal or feedback to the Yono App support team.

The State Bank of India “Lifestyle and Banking Dono” App which is popularly known as YONO (You Only Need One) is providing Banking, Insurance, Investment and Shopping experience in the single App.

The existing SBI user can use YONO App by just login with internet banking user-id and password. In the process of installation to creating an account, the users are getting lots of error/ problem. Here we are discussing some of the error, solution. You can always reach to the developer’s team of SBI YONO App for Support and Online Support/ Raise complaint ticket.

SBI Yono App Error/ Problems

YONO by SBI is in the top free finance app (as on 20 Sept. 2018). There are more than 5 million App download and total 51,615 customers have reviewed the APP on Google Play Store with an average rating of 3.5 stars.

sbi yono app installation

If we check the reviews from users after installation/ using SBI YONO App, here is the review. Approx, more than 50 lakh users have installed on their smartphone. As the State Bank of India has tried to bring all services on the single platform, so you can enjoy Banking, Loans, Investment, and Shopping experience on the single platform.

YONO App Helpline & Support

Following are the major issue and problems that Customer are facing while using the YONO App. The average 3.5 rating on SBI Yono App is not good because it is a Finance App.

  1. Something went wrong try after sometime
  2. Due to Technical problems, we are unable to process your request
  3. App is closing automatically, it was loading at first then starts closing
  4. Connection to the server was an unsuccessful error
  5. My account was debited but not credited to the biller/ payment is failed.
  6. Getting error “can not process now, Please try after some time.”
  7. Not able to locate the nearest SBI Bank.
  8. App says no internet connection
  9. Open my ac since long but always service is down msg
  10. Gives me pop-ups every now and then regarding session terminated
  11. Forgot the password …not able to open yono..
  12. #yono 1addhar की information सही से रीड नही करता 2. Pan नंबर पहले से इस्तेमाल जैसी गलत सूचना देता है 3.पहली बार असफल होने पर उसी इमेल ID को दुबारा इसतेमाल नही करने देता!!!

Error 1: The application gets restarted while shuffle between two apps. So it’s difficult to enter OTP by massaging app.
Answer: If you are getting error, kindly check device has enough storage space available to execute and run SBI YONO App. Go to Setting >> Storage >> and manage it. If you don’t have enough space, kindly delete some videos/ photos or apps.

Error 2: Every time I try to open an account it simply says, ‘Technical Error’.
Answer: Check the network status, The internet must be fast (4G/ Wifi) is recommended.

Error 3:  App can’t open in my phone 4.4.2 kitt kat.
Answer: SBI YONO App Android 5.0 and up So, if you have KitKat android device, then your handset must support YONO App.

Error 4: Not working with One plus2, Lenovo k3note, Lenovo vibe 5 etc.
Answer: Do you have root access installed. Remove it, as SBI YONO App supports Lenovo and ONE Plus handset with Android OS version 5.0 or above.

Error 5: Unable to login through Internet banking option. It is saying cannot process now.
Answer: You can login using SBI Netbanking user id and password. The error on YONO APP login is due to the wrong user-id or password. If the password has not changed or old, kindly change it on sbionline website using Profile Password or Mobile OTP.

Error 6: Unable to open insta saving account. after putting my PAN details at the second step, showing error cant process your request right now.
Answer: You can open INSTA Account or DIGITAL SAVING ACCOUNT on SBI YONO App. After entering PAN card, the API of YONO check PAN details in their DATABASE. So, this may take some time (in seconds). Try after some time.

Error 7: SBI Yono app doesn’t create an account. Procedure stopped.
Answer: Follow the simple instruction, while creating the SBI Saving account or Insta account. If you are getting error between creating your account. Kindly login using your mobile number and application password again. The form shall start from the point where the APP has crashed or time out.

Error 8: Taking so many time for processing. After 1st step, it was not processed to complete further procedure for opening new account.
Answer: You must check, allow app to access network and allow the apps to permission.

Error 9: The SBI Yono App is crashing at welcome screen
Answer: Check your internet speed/ network.

Error 10: Loading time very slow. Frequent connection problem though I use jio 4G network.
Answer: This is very common problem not only for SBI App, but the loading of APPS on the 3G network is slow. SBI Yono App Slow loading may be due to network error.

Error 11: After otp verification not able to proceed current password page.
Answer: OPT verification is mandatory.

Error 12: I am not able to generate my temporary password Its always appear that pls enter valid password pattern I try all pattern but always the same problem

Error 13: Can’t even go further for registration after Aadhar card.
Answer: Kindly check your Aadhaar Card number, it should be correct. You can also SCAN UIDAI Aadhaar Card for verification.

Error 14: UPI handle and failed. So after closing the app, message for device verification was sent couple of times so I uninstalled the app but still messages for device verification are getting sent and SMS charges.

Error 15: App not working properly, always says that server down. Can you fix it.
Answer: The Server is down due to the traffic. This issue is resolved in the newer version. Kindly update it.


You can directly contact the State Bank of India to resolve your problems.

Email ID: feedback.yono@sbi.co.in or appfeedback.yono@sbi.co.in
Toll-Free Number: 1800 1111 01

SBI Yono Online Complaint

if you are facing problem while creating new account (a) Digital Saving Account or (b) Insta Saving Account. You can contact the helpline and support team. The SBI Yono team is also providing online complaint box.

The customer can raise online complaint by using YONO APP of visit www.sbiyono.sbi and click on “Contact” page. Now, click on “Raise complaint” and register your complaint.

To track your complaint >> Click on “Track Complaint”. This feature is only available for the registered customers.

SBI YONO Complaint

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  1. after entering pan no it is not going further

  2. when i put pan no. in digital saving account it going to the last step and close. i tried many times but not working, i have never open account in sbi so why getting this problem

  3. Puspanjali Nath

    After filling up the page of personal details it is not going further. What to do now?

  4. After entering PAN card details it says details already exist, though i was enterin PAN details for first time and account doesnt not exist

  5. why it is not going further after security question?

  6. Sir i try to open sbi saving instant ac and enter aadhar no. & scan but app say aadhar deatails are not match and wrong address show.. Please help me..

  7. for creating digital account after entering pan card details it is asking to enter cif /debit card no./ account no. when its a new account how we get these details unabl
    le to create an account

  8. once i enter OTP of registered adhar number its showing cannot process now try again later

  9. Soumya subhankar sahoo

    I have closed my jandhan yojana account yesterday.And then i apply for sbi account on yono app…but it says there seems to be multiple customer relationship with our details…So how can i open an account in yono…

  10. during fill my pincode in correspondence address it says something went wrong..all things are correct in correspondence address but i dont no why it says something went wrong

  11. why sbi yono app says account opening journey has been intiated from sbi yono portal,please continue with sbi yono web browser only….and sbi yono web browser says please login with yono app

  12. opend insta saving account yesterday but did not get user id and password to login my account

    • The Insta Saving Account of Yono App can be login using http://www.sbiyono.sbi also. So, you can follow the steps online. If you have forgot the password. Click on Forget Password. And follow the instruction.
      Still getting the problem Call the SBI YONO APP helpline/ Support Toll-Free Number of SBI Yono App 1800111101

  13. Great start, there are plenty of opportunities improve the user experience.
    As a NRI finding it hard to set-up app on my mobile as we receive OTP’s quite late.
    New payee activation process could be done better.

  14. The app is not allowing to select state in the drop-down for correspondence address when opening a digital banking account. Actually, no state is getting populated in the drop down.

  15. When I was opening Digital Savings Account, all the steps were properly done, except the second last step where it is not going further, from Terms and Conditions page it is not accepting any further. I would like to know why.

  16. How can i open Yono app another device /mobile which was installed another device /mobile. When i put username and password (in new device ) get massage ‘this already exists another device’.

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